Weiss Schwarz Bang Dream Raise A Suilen E. TD

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■ Trial Deck+ BanG Dream! [RAISE A SUILEN]

You’ll know our sound once you hear it.

Introducing a new band, RAISE A SUILEN!

Featuring the various members: PAREO (keyboard and vocals), MASKING (drums and vocals), LAYER (vocals and bass), CHU² (DJ and vocals) and LOCK (guitar and vocals)!



Every deck comes with a chance to contain a sign card by the lead vocalist!
◆ Raychell (as LAYER) ◆




Parallel cards are randomly sealed into decks!
Every deck contains 2 shiny cards!

In addition, every deck you purchase has a chance to contain one of the following!

◆ [RRR] Rare cards with special embossing (4 types) ◆
◆ [SP] Sign card of voice cast (1 type) ◆


The cards in this Trial Deck+ may be used together with cards which have their card number beginning with 「BD/」!

20 types of cards + 7 parallels
50 Cards per Deck
6 Decks per Display
8 Displays per Carton

※Rules Sheet, Playmat, and Deck Manual included.
※The contents of each deck (excluding parallel cards) are exactly the same.

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