Gardens of Babylon: Deluxe Edition


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Gardens of Babylon is a 1-4 player, competitive euro-style game in which players strive to earn the most points by planting flower seeds on the most valuable tiles. Taking turns, players place tiles to create a maze-like ziggurat of pathways. They then strategically move their gardeners to claim tiles by planting seeds. This earns them victory points and can trigger cascades down connected waterways, allowing them to replace their opponents’ seeds with their own!


  • 78 Ziggurat Tiles
  • 12 Scoring Tiles
  • 5 Base Tiles
  • 48 upgraded custom meeples
  • 144 upgraded custom seed Tokens
  • Custom Plastic Storage Insert (KS Exclusive)
  • The Assyrian Expansion (KS Exclusive)
  • Collectible metal coin (KS Exclusive)
  • Rulebook (English, Spanish, French, German)
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