Frame Music Girl Hatsune Miku Hand Scale

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Product Details]
-Two kinds of printed face parts (normal face facing left, singing face) are included.
-Since the facial expressions parts are already painted, just assembling them will result in a finish close to the setting.
-Includes microphone and microphone stand.
-By using the design data of the plastic model [Frame Music Girl Hatsune Miku], high modeling power and high-density detail are reproduced in the palm size!
-Although it is a small size with a total height of about 75 mm, about 32 places can be moved.
-The knee has double joints.
-The hip joint is a pull-out joint.
-Includes decals for left- and right-facing eyes.
-Two non-printed face parts for attaching decals are included.
-In addition to two types of wrists, a clenched hand and a flat hand, a slightly larger handle and a microphone handle are attached.
-Mini flying base included.

[What is the [Hand Scale] Series?]
-With Kotobukiya's precision molding technology, we will commercialize with molding power, movement, and accuracy that were not possible with conventional small size plastic models.
-By color-coded molding color and printed face parts, it can be completed just by assembling without painting.
-It is possible to use enormous parts such as MSG series, Frame Arms Girl series, Hexa Gear series, Frame Arms series, etc. by connecting parts provided on each part and PVC wrists.
-Partly compatible with the products to be released in the future such as the head, arms, legs, etc., it is possible to customize your own.

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