Figma #EX-037 Snow Miku 2017 Hatsune Miku Twinkle Snow Ver.

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The Winter diva who twinkles with the night skies! The 2017 Snow Miku joins the figma series!
2017 marks the 8th anniversary of Snow Miku, and the 2017 design was once again selected by fans through online votes between a selection of outfits all submitted to piapro by fans! This year the theme is 'Stars and Constellations of the Winter in Hokkaido', and the winning Snow Miku design was illustrated by Nishina which has now been converted into this figma together with Rabbit Yukine wearing a cute starry scarf!

· She comes with three expressions including a huge smile, a friendly grin with closed eyes as well as a calm expression.
· The figma comes with a conductor's baton together with starry effect parts as well as a music stand!
· Other optional parts include a lantern and sheet music allowing for all sorts of different situations.
· An articulated figma stand is included, which allows various poses to be taken.
· A crescent moon base is included together with an alternate skirt part to pose her sitting on it.

Snow Miku 2017 Outfit Design: Nishina
Rabbit Yukine 2017 Design: LF
Rabbit Yukine Original Idea: nekosumi
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