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Steeped in the power of darkness, it's a dark adventurer figure!
Don't miss the new anime Blu-ray!
In the "Bikini Warriors" figure series,

Kitchen 2: Wielding the power of the sick darkness, the dark adventurer Black Knight joins!

You're the first Bikini Warriors figure in two years.

You may be a little confused.

But don't worry.

Peeking out from the bikini armor, the chest is somewhat modest but has a strong presence.

The hip line can be seen from between the fluttering cloaks.

A vicious but beautiful battle axe. You'll be happy with the result.

And most of all, you will be fascinated by the modeling that reproduces the seductive face drawn by character designer AKIRA.

This is undoubtedly the work of a skilled sculptor, Scarlet.

This adventure is also complete with bonus parts common to the series that will not disappoint you adventurers. When the Black Knight's bikini armor is released, you'll see true beautiful breasts.

In addition, this item is also available in a [limited edition] that comes with super luxurious benefits.

The limited edition that includes an "A4 clear file + bonus paper" using AKIRA's newly drawn illustrations and a new anime "OVA Blu-ray" containing a special episode of Black Knight produced for this figure is a gem that is perfect for those who aim to become high-level adventurers.

Now it's time to add the Black Knight to your party and embark on an adventure!

18+ Item

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